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Chef Richard

About Chef Richard Temple


Chef Richard is the Founder & CEO of Love Life Food. It was as a wide-eyed 15-year-old that Richard Temple discovered his passion for cooking. He cooked a simple sautéed chicken dish for his family, however, the joy that he saw in their faces and the accolades he received about the tastiness of the dish had him hooked. It is from that place of love that inspires each of Richard’s dishes. You might say love is the first ingredient in every dish.


Inherently curious about the cuisines of the world and with a passion for traveling, Richard has spent the years since on a culinary and literal tour of the various cuisines and countries that intrigued him. That journey started in North America, with visits to all the major food capitals of the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. Each place had its story to tell and another dish to delight. He was especially intrigued by the cuisine of Santa Fe- New Mexico where his first foray into a formal culinary education happened at the Santa Fe School of Cooking.


His favorite place and where he gains much of his inspiration is France.  With over twenty visits to different regions of this culinary storied country, he ultimately felt the need to immerse himself in the culture and cuisine and spent a memorable month in the City of Lights, exploring markets, tasting multiple regional delicacies and replicating those foods in his Parisian apartment kitchen, much to the delight of his visiting family and friends.


Multiple trips to Asia have also informed his culinary sensibility. Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Bali, and Singapore offered him the opportunity to expand his sense of the world around him as well as his palate. New spices and ingredients entered his culinary library, and one to always experiment, he started fusing East and West.


One of Richards’ most memorable culinary adventures took place in another country known for its cuisine; Italy. Besides several visits and tours of the country, including a drive and tasting along the Adriatic coast from Riccione to Venice, he facilitated a magical culinary experience for himself and 14 family and friends.  With the Tuscan hills as a backdrop and a converted 11th-century monastery villa as the location (Villa Antica in Arezzo), he and his guests spent 7 days tasting the local cuisine and wines, only to return to their private villa to Richards’ interpretations of traditional Tuscan food.

Chef Richard graduated with highest honors and earned a diploma in Culinary Arts and a Premier Cru Certification in Wine Essentials from the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City.  Chef Richard completed his externship at Michelin Starred Restaurant Dovetail in New York City. 


Richard is very humbled for all these experiences and is proud to bring all this life to his food. Passion, ingenuity, and integrity all find their place in a dish from Richard and his team.  Love-Life-Food 

Private Chef

About Our Private Chef Placement

Our team specializes in the placement of Professional Private Chefs in private homes all across the USA. We can assist if you are seeking a full time or part time Private Chef. We have the expertise  you may rely on to place the perfect Chef with you. 

About Our On-Staff Personal Chefs

Our team of on-staff Personal Chefs all share the passion for cooking delicious weekly meals for clients with the freshest & highest quality of foods available.  Our on-staff Personal Chefs are fully vetted-trained, undergo criminal background checks, are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and follow our Covid-19 safety protocols.

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