Coronavirus / COVID -19


     Protocols to protect you, your family and myself against the coronavirus
Every day that I am outside of my home for personal or work errands, commuting to and from your home:
  • I will always wear a mask outside to protect myself & you against the current outbreak/ any future resurgence of the virus until there is an FDA/CDC approved & nationally available vaccine.
Grocery Shopping/ Inside the Food Markets:
  • I will always wear a mask & disposable gloves while shopping inside.
Arrival & Cooking in your home:
  • I will always take my temperature before I arrive at your home to ensure that I do not have any fever.
  • I will always wear a mask as part of my chef uniform while I am in your home from start to finish.
  • Before I begin unpacking the groceries and start cooking, I will spray/wash down all kitchen surfaces/stove/sink & faucets, dishwasher, door & cabinet knobs with my own- CDC approved disinfecting mixture of water & bleach.
  • I will wash my hands frequently during the cooking process to keep my hands clean.
  • I will always require social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet from you /family/ guest/visitors if present at home on the cooking date.  If anyone needs to walk through the kitchen or to enter the kitchen to grab anything from the fridge or cupboards while I’m cooking, I will require that this be announced by the person before they enter the kitchen so I that I will be able to move away from the kitchen space while the person(s) passes by or items are retrieved from the kitchen.
  • I encourage you and others in your home to wear a mask while I am there cooking if you are comfortable doing so.
  • I will not answer doorbells or knocks on your door from the doorman or maintenance staff (unless there is an emergency circumstance that requires me to do so).  I will not accept/sign for any packages/deliveries arriving at your home if you are not present to accept them to maintain safe social distances from building staff /delivery people.
  • If you have service/repair people required to do work in your kitchen and or within any space within your home that is less than 6 feet from the kitchen I kindly asked that you schedule this work on a day I’m not cooking to maintain safe social distancing.
Completed Cooking & Departing your home
  • After all cooking is complete & the food is stored in your fridge. I may place some items in your dishwasher, wash all pots, pans & equipment used, dry, and place them back in the cabinets.  I will once again spray/wash down all kitchen surfaces/stove/sink & faucets, dishwasher, door handles & cabinet knobs with my own- CDC approved disinfecting mixture of water & bleach.
  • Your menu will be printed & then placed by my cleaned hands into a Sani Ziplock bag before I arrive, I will then remove your menu from the Sani Ziplock bag by cleaned hands after cooking & final cleaning, then I will tape it on your fridge. If you prefer that I email you the menu for your own printing, please let me know.
  • I will scan & email you a PDF copy of your entire grocery receipt(s) to you on the day of cooking.  If you prefer that I leave you the original(s) grocery receipt(s) in your kitchen, please let me know.
  • I will take all the trash that I generate out of your home with me for disposal.
If there is anything you feel may be lacking in safety and or you wish that I add additional protocols/protections while in your home, please feel free to let me know your preferences and I will be happy to include those into my protocols.

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