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          Coronavirus / COVID -19 
Updated on 2 /4 /2022

     Protocols to Protect You, Your Family and our Chefs Against the Coronavirus
Vaccination & Testing for Covid-19:
  • Our Chefs are vaccinated against Covid-19 with proof submitted to us.  Our Chefs will test if they are exposed to the Covid-19 Virus. 
Grocery Shopping/ Inside the Food Markets Day of Arrival:
  • Our Chefs will always wear a mask & practice proper social distancing while shopping inside.  
Arrival & Cooking in Your Home our Chefs will:
  • Wear a mask as part of our Chef uniform while in your home from start to finish.
  • If possible, will open/crack open your kitchen window for ventilation while cooking.
  • Will wash our hands frequently during the cooking process to keep hands clean.
  • Will always require social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet from you /family/ guest/visitors if present at home on the cooking date.  If anyone needs to walk through the kitchen or to enter the kitchen to grab anything from the fridge or cupboards while the Chef is cooking, we will require that this be announced by the person before they enter the kitchen so the Chef will be able to move away from the kitchen space while the person(s) passes by or items are retrieved from the kitchen.
  • We encourage you and others in your home to wear a mask while our Chef is there cooking if you are comfortable doing so.
  • Will not answer doorbells or knocks on your door from the doorman or maintenance staff (unless there is an emergency circumstance that requires us to do so).  Will not accept/sign for any packages/deliveries arriving at your home if you are not present to accept them to maintain safe social distances from building staff /delivery people.
  • If you have service/repair people required to do work in your kitchen and or within any space within your home that is less than 6 feet from the kitchen we kindly asked that you schedule this work on a day if possible when we are not cooking to maintain safe social distancing.

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